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Trip Report: Sedona Mountain Bike Festival

Moab, Utah has long been the mecca for mountain bikers looking for gnarly riding on otherworldly rock formations. Sedona, Arizona is giving Moab a run for its money. Sedona is a magical, beautiful, amazing place. It’s got a killer trail network that’s expanding every year. Its average winter temperatures (highs of 61 degrees in February […]

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Boise’s Best Trail Runs (Intermediate/Expert)

A few weeks back we posted some good trail runs for beginners. If you’ve done those trails and you’re ready to step your game up to some bigger challenges, check out these loops for intermediate and expert trail runners: Around the Mountain 9 miles; 1,500 feet of climbing Around the Mountain is just a fantastic […]

Trail Travels – The Fat Bike Fondo

And Stanley Winterfest Route Map Stanley, Idaho. When I think of this place, two things come to mind. One, The Sawtooth Mountains and two, the town that is regularly featured on the national weather report with the low temperature for the day in the lower 48. With that, i’d been watching the forecast all week. […]

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The 3 Best Boise Trail Runs for Beginner Trail Runners

Trail runners are major users of Boise’s trails. Trail running is a blast because, compared to running on the street, it offers more fresh air, more solitude, and more varied terrain–hopping over rocks and roots tends to distract the mind from the bittersweet pain in your leg muscles. For the average trail runner, a good […]

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The Case for Boise as America’s Greatest Mountain Bike City

I know, it sounds absurd: Potato Town, USA, the greatest mountain biking city in the United States? On some levels, it is absurd.  Many towns have trails that, on an individual basis, are radder than anything we’ve got in Boise.  Moab, Sedona, Crested Butte and Oakridge come to mind.   There’s a reason, though, that […]

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Best Trail Gear for Boise

Life’s too short to use bad gear! The wrong shoes can turn a nice hike into a sufferfest; the wrong gloves can turn a comfortable mountain bike ride into a fight for finger survival. We’ve been using the trails in Boise for years, testing out all kinds of gear in the process. These are a […]

Best Hikes in Boise

Strap up your hiking boots: here’s our list of the best hikes in Boise. Best Hikes Close to Town Table Rock (3.2 miles) Route Map This is it: the classic Boise hike. Table Rock is the most popular hike in Boise for a few reasons: it’s easy to get to; it’s just the right length […]

Best Mountain Bike Rides in Boise

Boise has miles and miles of great mountain biking. Get out your bread and knife, because these are our jams: Boise’s best mountain bike rides. Best 2-3 Hour Loops Watchman Loop (16 miles; 2,300 ft. of climbing) The Watchman loop is a cross-country classic: perfect for a weekend ride or a pre- or post-work ride […]

A Guide to Updating Boise Trails

We’ve gotten a few emails from folks asking us how to update trail reports on the website. After emailing some instructions, it seemed like a better idea to write a quick post about it. If you have suggestions about the site, or run into trouble, drop us an email. The images below are from the […]