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Learning to Manual a Mountain Bike at Age 37

I’ve always wanted to manual a mountain bike.  When someone effortlessly rolls along on their back wheel, it looks so cool, almost like magic.  But I always figured it was something you either “had” or you didn’t—you picked it up BMXing as a kid, or you spent the rest of your life unable to manual. […]

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Bike Review: Trek Remedy 9.8

Do you like fun? Yeah, I know that’s a manipulative lead-in.  But it’s appropriate, because after a lot of thought, it’s the best description I can come up with for the Trek Remedy 9.8, and also the primary reason that it joins me on my rides while my short-travel bike and hardtail sit in the […]

Trail 27: The Sponsor Who Loves Boise’s Trails As Much As We Do!

In this post, we check in with the title sponsor of the Boise Trails Challenge: the real estate company Trail 27. These folks are awesome and the Challenge couldn’t have been what it was without them! Here it is, in their own words: Wow, what an amazing experience from beginning to end! The inaugural Boise […]

How Did He Do It? Dan Gottsch Discusses the Boise Trails Challenge

By Gillian Hill, Well, the first Boise Trails Challenge is over; and what an epic event it was! 324 people signed up, and 94 participants finished all 163 miles of required Boise trails within the month of August. But a handful of competitors finished the Challenge in a matter of days, with Dan Gottsch […]

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10 Questions with Boise Trails: Brad Wilson

      By: Kate Watson For the “10 Questions” series, we’re interviewing local trail folks—trail users, community leaders, company owners—with the same 10 questions about everything from trails to gear to grub. For this edition of 10 Questions with Boise Trails, we spoke with Brad Wilson, general manager of Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area. Brad has […]

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10 Questions with Boise Trails: Carlos Matutes

By: Kate Watson Over the next few months we’ll connect with hometown heroes who use Boise’s trails, asking them each the same 10 questions about everything from trails to gear to grub. Carlos Matutes is the Director of the Southwest Idaho Mountain Biking Association (SWIMBA). He’s the organization’s first director–which makes sense considering his history […]

Boise Trails Challenge

Announcing the Boise Trails Challenge

In the summer of 2017, Jason Delgadillo (co-founder of this site) heard that some friends were trying to ride every trail on the Ridge to Rivers map in one month. Always up for a challenging adventure, Jason joined in on the fun. Then he realized it would be way cooler if we could hook in […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Not Crashing your Mountain Bike in 10 Easy Steps

Guest post by Kate Watson In the last year and a half I have accumulated more scars than I did in the previous 32. I’ve been learning to mountain bike. I’ve had crashes that I saw coming when I first spotted the switchback, and crashes where I was suddenly flat on my face wondering why […]

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Easy Kid-Friendly Hikes in Boise

Many folks want to take their kids hiking in Boise, but they’re not sure where to go for an easy, pleasant experience for the whole family. Maybe you’ve had the same experience we have: five people walk into the woods, an hour later, two walk out, carrying the other three, who are all crying.  To […]

Ride Report: Mountain Biking the Danskins

Are you tired of the smooth, buffed singletrack that crisscrosses the Boise foothills? Is it too familiar, too groomed, and too crowded? Are you looking for something a little more remote and untamed? Check out the Danskins, just 45 minutes from East Boise. If you like descending Trail 4 or Willow Creek in Avimor, you’ll […]