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Clear trails for the most part, but may run into occasional puddles or stretches of muddy areas. It is encouraged to go through puddles, and not around them. Also to turn back on long muddy stretches that damage or widen trails.

Sexy Time is an access road that connects Dry Creek trail to upper Bogus Basin Road. It’s a nice way to get up to the top of the mountain without a long slog on the Ridge Road. The grade on Sexy Time is quite moderate, so it’s much less painful than ascending upper Dry Creek. Sexy Time is named after “sexy time corner,” a forested parking spot where local youths are known to engage in heavy necking and/or related shenanigans.

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  • ramihz April 30, 2018 at 9:13 amRiding fine, no snow anywhere. Not very sandy and no new ruts.
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  1. ramihz says:

    Riding fine, no snow anywhere. Not very sandy and no new ruts.

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