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AKA Hero Dirt. Yes, your ideal conditions that you want to hit up first before any of your friends find out. Sure you want to keep it low key, but be a good trail steward and let your buddies know its time to shred.

Sheep Camp used to be just a rutted out service road until Ridge to Rivers improved it in 2016. It’s much better now, with a roller coaster vibe and no more ruts. Some of the corners, though, are unnaturally off-camber–with much speed, you’ll find yourself getting pulled off trail and down the hillside. Watch out for that. There’s now a bridge at the connection with Dry Creek where there used to be a deep, wide stream crossing that claimed as victims many warm feet and bottom brackets.

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  • alek konkol February 18, 2018 at 12:50 pmFeb 17 - snow/slush that's frozen over in some parts and a muddy mess in others.
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  1. alek konkol says:

    Feb 17 – snow/slush that’s frozen over in some parts and a muddy mess in others.

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